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Each of the subcommittees of the CIRMS Science and Technology Committee has prepared a series of Measurement Program Descriptions (MPD’s) pertinent to their area of expertise. These were arrived at through dialog at CIRMS meetings and workshops. The MPD’s are designated by letter apropos to subcommittee areas of interest:

A = Medical Applications

B = Public and Environmental Protection

C = Occupational Radiation Protection

D = Industrial Applications and Materials Effects

E = Homeland Security

F = Computational Needs

Numbers are assigned to MDP’s as they evolved with the last digit indicating the latest revision of an existing MPD with its first issuance starting at zero. MPD’s tend to be living working documents that are changed by the subcommittees of the CIRMS Science and Technology Committee as some aspects are completed and others perceived as in need of attention. MPD A.7.3, for example, is a seventh MPD generated by the Medical Applications subcommittee in its fourth revision. One or two page MPD’s for these various areas are presented below.