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NIST, Gaithersburg, MD

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CIRMS Ribbon Award

The CIRMS Ribbon Award is a high honorary recognition for outstanding work in the field of ionizing radiation measurements.  The CIRMS Ribbon Award is presented to attendees of national conferences that are presenting posters.

Members designated by the CIRMS executive committee select the recipients of the award.  The criteria of the award is based on the content of the work as well as the quality of the presentation given by the author of the poster.  

There is a maximum of 10 Ribbon Awards presented at each conference. A list of past and current CIRMS Ribbon Award winners is listed on the CIRMS website.  

For more information about the CIRMS Ribbon Award program please contact Renata Freindorf, CIRMS executive secretary by email at: or by phone at 972.883.5772.

Ribbon Award Winners

Radiological Society of North America 2016 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, November 27 – December 2 (RSNA 2016)

Universal Calibration Curve for a Small-type OSL Dosimeter to be Used for Direct Dose Measurements of Direct, Scattered and Penetrating X-rays in the Diagnostic Region

Kazuki Takegami, Tokushima, Japan (Presenter) Equipment support, Nagase Landauer, Ltd; Research collaboration, Nagase Landauer, Ltd.; Hiroaki Hayashi, PhD, Tokushima, Japan; Natsumi Kimoto, Tokushima, Japan; Yoshiki Mihara, Tokushima, Japan; Yuki Kanazawa, PhD, Tokushima, Japan; Kousaku Higashino, Tokushima, Japan; Kazuta Yamashita, Tokushima, Japan; Fumio Hayashi, Tokushima, Japan; Tohru Okazaki, Ibaraki, Japan; Takuya Hashizume, Tsukuba, Japan; Ikuo Kobayashi, Ibaraki, Japan

Topic: OSL dosimetry for diagnostic procedures

Conference Name: RSNA 2016, Chicago, IL
Date: November 29, 2016


CME Learning Checkpoint Exhibit ED028 (PET-CT beyond 18FDG: A New Telling of an Old Tale)

Authors: Cesar N. Cristancho Rojas, MD, Mexico City, Mexico; Luis Azpeitia Espinosa, MD, Mexico City, Mexico (Presenter); Mary C. Herrera-Zarza, MD, Mexico City, Mexico; Jose L. Criales, MD, Mexico City, Mexico

Topic: PET CT

Conference Name: RSNA 2016, Chicago, IL
Date: November 29, 2016

CME Learning Checkpoint Exhibit ED026 (HU Knew? What You Need to Know about kVp, CT Numbers, Dose and Their Relationships)

Authors: Jeffrey B. Guild, PhD, Dallas, TX; Eric A. Jones, MD, Dallas, TX; Xinhui Duan, PhD, Dallas, TX; Gary Arbique, PhD, Dallas, TX, Research Grant, Toshiba Corporation; David P. Chason, MD, Dallas, TX and Jon A. Anderson, PhD, Dallas, TX

Topic: CT Dose and Hounsfield Units

Conference Name: RSNA 2016, Chicago, IL
Date: November 29, 2016